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2010-09-29 13:17
Twitter article is a simple Python script for turning your Tux Droid from Kysoh into a cuckoo clock. When running the script Tux will cuckoo every full hour with the hour amount and every half hour with one cuckoo.

You can download with the sound files here.

Tux Droid

2010-09-24 11:28
Twitter article

The Tux Droid from kysoh can be programmed in different ways. The following proposal for handicraft work shows how to use the Tux Droid as announcer for speeches. The special thing is the handcrafted USB desk bell that lets the Tux Droid tell a visitor the following speeches.

As software you can use the speeches planning tool of the Kieler Open Source and Linux Tage (KiLux-Programmplaner). There is a script ( included to let the Tux Droid read the time table. Adjust it as needed.

For more information (in German) about the "Kieler Open Source and Linux Tage" visit

You need the following things to build the USB bell:

  • Cardboard
  • Old USB mouse
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Bell case
  • Some Lego bricks
  • Bell case

First disassemble the USB mouse and put the board on a big Lego brick. Now place other bricks around.

Make a seesaw to push on the button of the mouse.

Some other views to show how the bricks could be placed. You may adjust it on the board of your mouse.

Now search some things that can be used for a bell case and the bell button. (I used an old metal can and a part of a pin. Then I brushed it to let it shine golden.)

Now put all together. Glue the mechanics on the cardboard and the bell case on top. When the glue is dry the USB bell can be cut out.

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