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Make JDownloader 1 compilable again

2015-09-25 09:18
Twitter article

Fetch the source code via SVN with svn co -r 09581 svn://

Download the patch file to the JDownloader source directory.

Apply the patch with patch -p1 < JDownloader-09581-compile.patch

Now you can make your changes and compile the source with ant

AaiN-VM (Anonym arbeiten im Netz-VM - Work anonymously in the net)

2010-06-18 12:45
Twitter article


Die AaiN-VM (Anonym arbeiten im Netz-VM) ist eine virtuelle Maschine, in der eine Reihe von Programmen vorinstalliert sind, die ein sicheres und anonymes Arbeiten im Internet erlauben. Die enthaltene Software ist freie Software, sodaß die AaiN-VM weitergegeben und nach belieben modifiziert werden kann. Mittels der freien Virtualisierungssoftware VirtualBox kann die AaiN-VM auf den Betriebssystemen Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, FreeBSD oder Solaris ausgeführt werden. Die Mitnahme der AaiN-VM – auf beispielsweise einem USB-Stick – ermöglicht eine einfache Mitnahme, sodaß man unabhängig von den lokal installierten Programmen immer die persönliche Arbeitsumgebung vorfindet.

Die Benutzung der AaiN-VM und der enthaltenen Programme geschieht auf eigene Gefahr.

In der AaiN-VM sind neben den gängigen Internetanwendungen wie einem Webbrowser (Firefox/Iceweasel), einem eMail-Client (Thunderbird/Icedove) und der Chat-Software Pidgin auch Office-Programme (, Abiword), Grafik- (gtThumb, The Gimp) und Multimediaanwendungen zum Abspielen der gängigsten Audio- und Videoformate (audacious, xine) an Bord. Die Anonymisierung der Verbindungsdaten übernimmt die TOR-Software. In der AaiN-VM sind zudem die VirtualBox-Gasterweiterungen installiert, sodaß sich Daten mittels VirtualBox-Dateifreigabe und Zwischenablage zwischen dem Wirtsrechner und der AaiN-VM austauschen lassen. Ein nahtloser Modus kann zudem die Fenster der in der VM ausgeführten Anwendungen aus dem VirtualBox-Fenster herauslösen, sodaß diese wie normale Anwendungen erscheinen.

Weitere Informationen, Aktualisierungen, ...

Die AaiN-VM ist ein virtueller Wunschrechner, der von zusammengestellt wurde. bietet Dienstleistungen und Softwareentwicklung zu dem Softwareverteilungssystem m23 und anderen OpenSource-Produkten an. Ein breitfächertes Beratung- und Schulungsangebot zu m23, Linux, OpenSource, HTML, PHP + MySQL und Skriptprogrammierung rundet die Angebotspalette ab.


The AaiN VM (Anonym arbeiten im Netz-VM – Work anonymously in the net) is a virtual machine, that has some applications preinstalled. These applications can be used to work anonymously in the net. The included software is free software and so it is allowed to modify an distribute the AaiN VM. AaiN VM runs in the free virtualisation software VirtualBox that can be run under the operating systems Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, FreeBSD or Solaris. If you put it for example on an USB stick, the AaiN is your worksplace to go. You will find the applications of your AaiN VM independently from the locally installed operating system or software.

The usage of the AaiM VM and the included software is at your onw risk.

The AaiN VM includes internet applications like a webbrowser (Firefox/Iceweasel), an eMail client (Thunderbird/Icedove) and the chat software Pidgin. There are office suites (, Abiword) and graphic (gtThumb, The Gimp) and multimedia tools for playing the most common audio and video formats (audacious, xine) too. Anonymisation of the connection is reached via the TOR software. The guest addons are installed in the AaiN VM to allow easy file and clipboard transfer from and to the AaiN-VM. A seamless mode is included too, that can display the windows of in the AaiN VM executed applications like locally executed software.

Additional information, updates, ...

The AaiN VM is a requested virtual computer (German: "virtueller Wunschrechner") that was assembled and programmed by offers services and software development for the m23 softwaredistribution system and other OpenSource applications. A variety of consulting and training offers for m23, Linux, OpenSource, HTML, PHP + MySQL and scriptprogramming too.

Your help is needed

There is currently no English translation of the installation guide and the installation tool available. Please contact me, if you you would like to translate via mail: hhabermann <attt> pc-kiel <poooooint> de


Online help

Compiling dvbcut for Debian Squeeze

2011-03-10 11:28
Twitter article

Here are some simple insctructions to fetch, compile and install dvbcut (and build a Debian package) on Debian Squeeze.

	svn co dvbcut
	cd dvbcut/trunk
	./configure --prefix=/usr --with-qt3-include=/usr/include/qt3/
	checkinstall -D
If all works well, you will get a Debian package that can be installed on Debian Squeeze. The package I build this way can be downloaded here.

Web tools

2010-06-18 11:48
Twitter article

The Dodger-Tools are compilation of different scripts licensed under the terms of the GPL. At the moment this are:
  • Script for downloading a Flickr image pool
  • PHP threads: The PHP threads are a collection of functions that can execute BASH scripts simultaniously.
  • Extracts headings of Joomla articles and posts them on Twitter.
  • Uploads backup files to and splits them into multiple uploads if they are too big.
  • cryptMailer.7z: PHP functions for safe transfer of mails from a client without mail sending capability to a mailserver that runs Apache and PHP too.

Installation of some scripts

Some scripts are available as Debian packages. The installation for Debian (maybe Ubuntu and Kubuntu) users is rather simple. Just put the following line in /etc/apt/sources.list and do an "apt-get update". Afterwards you can install the Dodger-Tools packages via APT.

deb ./

Installation on non-Debian distributions

If you need packages for a different distribution you may need to convert the packages via alien. Simply download the desired package from, convert and install it.

Older versions

Older versions of the Dodger-Tools packages are stored in the File Release System.

Browse the scripts and packages

or via File Release System

Precompiled TiLP binary and libraries

2010-06-18 15:02
Twitter article

TiLP 2 is a linking program for use with the TI graphing calculators. It can be used to transfer files from the PC to the calculator.

  • The binaries and libraries for running TiLP can be found in the FRS.
  • The compiled tigcc (e.g. for creating eBooks) is available there too.
  • A script ( for converting a RTF or PDF file to a ttebook for V200/TI92 was added too.

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